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Is Sexx When Pregnant Safe?

Sexx when pregnant is safe but if you are worried about it then there are better ways to satisfy a man than intercourse, more about that later.

The main thing about having sex when you are pregnant is the discomfort it causes. The old wives tales of the mans penis touching the babies head is totally untrue, in fact in later pregnancy sexx can help to start labour.

If though you are worried about having intercourse when you are pregnant but still want to sexually please your man then give him fellatio, this is the posh word for oral sexx or giving him head.

In case you didn’t already know this fellatio is preferred to full on sex by most men, so you will be doing him a favour as well as putting your mind at ease. In fact after a fellatio session he won’t ask for sexx at all just more fellatio.

If you decide that it’s intercourse that you want then find positions that are comfortable (not easy in the latter stages of pregnancy) for you and ones where you control how deep he goes, the woman on top springs to mind here. Another very comfy position when you are quite heavily pregnant is spooning, that’s where you lay on your side and he is on his side behind you.

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