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Sexx Coffee

Last summer my friend Cate came to visit. Cate is vegan, and so we went to the store to get her some alternate food supplies. One of the things she bought was almond milk.

I tried one bowl of it on my cereal just because I was curious, and now I buy it regularly. Occasionally I even just have a straight up glass of it. I buy the vanilla, but I’m thinking of branching out into all three kinds. I just love the taste of it. I love how smooth it is and how easy it is on my digestive system. And there is NOTHING better on your cereal than sexx vanilla almond milk. Nothing.

I think someone once told me almond milk has all sorts of great health stuff for you, etc, but really, I just love the taste. I get to the point frequently that I crave almond milk and nothing else will do.

So thank you to the vegans and the lactose/dairy intolerant for helping making this product so readily available. My digestive system and pleasure center adore you.

Is Sexx When Pregnant Safe?

Sexx when pregnant is safe but if you are worried about it then there are better ways to satisfy a man than intercourse, more about that later.

The main thing about having sex when you are pregnant is the discomfort it causes. The old wives tales of the mans penis touching the babies head is totally untrue, in fact in later pregnancy sexx can help to start labour.

If though you are worried about having intercourse when you are pregnant but still want to sexually please your man then give him fellatio, this is the posh word for oral sexx or giving him head.

In case you didn’t already know this fellatio is preferred to full on sex by most men, so you will be doing him a favour as well as putting your mind at ease. In fact after a fellatio session he won’t ask for sexx at all just more fellatio.

If you decide that it’s intercourse that you want then find positions that are comfortable (not easy in the latter stages of pregnancy) for you and ones where you control how deep he goes, the woman on top springs to mind here. Another very comfy position when you are quite heavily pregnant is spooning, that’s where you lay on your side and he is on his side behind you.

How to Make a Woman Ejaculate

Listen here – would you like to give a woman the best sexxual experience of her life? This is a rare skill, but the ability of making a woman squirt during sexx will make you the best lover than a woman will ever wish to have. Get her to ejaculate and she will remain with you… forever! Read on to discover the killer tricks on how to make a woman squirt and achieve killer results fast…

“Arouse Her Adequately”. In order to make a woman ejaculate, you will work extra hard to arouse her. Remember that it’s a deadly mistake to insert your penis into a woman’s a vagina before she is properly aroused. Get her wet by teasing her. One way to do this is to nibble her earlobes while fingering her inner thighs.

“The Curious Finger”. Now that you have gotten her to be a little wet, take it to the next level by entering her vagina with your finger. The trick here is to locate her G-spot. Stimulate the upper part of her labia and at the same time lick her clitoris. Do this for at least 10 minutes so that she is adequately aroused. Move your fingers in a circular motion inside her but careful not to hurt her. The G-spot area is extra tender and sensitive so be a little gentle!

“Enter Her”. The third step is to enter her with your penis, obviously. When you have done the first two step adequately, then you will not have problems getting her to ejaculate with your penis. Again, make sure that she is wet enough before you do this! Here’s a little known tip to make sure that she climaxes – use your voice and whisper dirty nothings into her ear. This “verbal seduction” technique is proven to make women feel extra aroused – and it will help her ejaculate.

10 Useful Health Benefits of Sex

1. Sexx makes pelvic floor muscles stronger

This applies to women and they can exercise their pelvic floor muscles during intercourse and these are called kegels. In the future, women will reduce their chances of incontinence. Kegels involve tightening these muscles then releasing.

2. Sex enhances immunity

This is immunity from conditions such as colds and a myriad of other infections. It is said that having sex at least once a week will go a long way in helping the production of the antibody IgA. Which is also called immunoglobulin A. High levels of this antibody triggered by sexual activity will help keep at bay the infections mentioned and keep the body healthy.

3. Sex reduces stress

According to ‘biology psychology’ which is a journal published by experts in this field, stress was found to be lower and better handled by people who were frequently engaged in sex compared to those who abstained. Experts say that blood pressure especially in women will be lowered which will lead to stress relief. The lower diastolic blood pressure sex is associated with was seen to be behind this action to cut stress.

4. Sex strengthens the heart

Many people over the years have been worried about the dangers of sex especially when people have heart problems. Many believed that it could cause a stroke but these claims have been refuted. According to British researchers, free sexx will do the opposite and in a study published in the journal of ‘epidemiology and community health’, having sexx twice or more a week will reduce chances of fatal heart attacks by half in men. This is in comparison with those who had less sex.

5. Sexx enhances self-esteem

According to researchers of the University of Texas, most people interviewed about this said that sex makes people feel better regarding their esteem. Sex therapists agree that with this esteem, people can even know how to have better sex in their lives. This study can be found in the ‘archives of sexual behaviour’.

6. Sex improves intimacy and relationships

The love hormone or oxytocin has been seen to increase in level due to frequent orgasms. This hormone is able to create a bond between people who have sex together to build a stronger unity that has been seen to improve even marriages. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have confirmed this and advice couples to make love more often for a better bond.

7. Sex can reduce pain

Due to the action of this hormone, endorphins will be released by the body in high levels. This is able to help pain decline and among many others, people suffering from arthritis, headaches, PMS can find some relief after sexx. Studies have supported this and many are tapping into it.

8. Sex reduce the risk of prostrate cancer

This is owed to frequent ejaculations and men who ejaculate more in their 20s will tend to suffer less from this disease in their future. ‘The British Journal or Urology’ reports this.

9. Sexx makes better sleep

Research has also proved that after orgasm, people will sleep better and this is due to oxytocin which is released. These are the top health benefits of sex.

10. Sex burns calories

According to leading sexologists, up to 85 calories will be burnt with a 30 minute session of sex. Although this may not sound like an insignificant number of calories to burn, repeating this will double the amount burnt and in the end, people can loose some weight in the process. Therefore, it makes it a good mode of exercise that can be employed even by the laziest of persons.